Troubled Teen Transport

Positive Solutions understands the sensitivity and delicate process of guiding your loved one toward a successful life. Having the ability and experience required to work with families during trying times makes the transition smoother for all parties. We are capable of facilitating services for children while taking into consideration their varying needs. Proper communication is imperative and should be inclusive of everyone involved. Positive Solutions is here to provide your with peace of mind throughout the process.



Safely transporting children to reputable facilities so they may receive the assistance needed for living a successful life is our mission. We have thousands of positive experiences transporting children to new locations. Often the first involved in a life-changing intervention that will aid you and your loved ones, we pride ourselves on our ability to examine problematic situations that may arise.. Having a history of providing safe and secure transportation for adolescents puts our clients at ease. Transportation can be provided to wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, court appearances or whatever your needs require. Providing your child with the tools necessary to help them achieve a smooth transition at their new placement is paramount to us.


Positive Solutions has the credentials and skills needed to locate adolescents that have chosen to run away from home or their new residential placement. We have the discretion required to work independently or with the assistance of local law enforcement as the situation requires. We are dedicated to providing the effort required to locate and recover your missing child. Understanding the needs and committing to children who have taken such a drastic step is a serious matter and the professionals at Positive Solutions are here to help. The safety of your child is our top priority in a runaway situation and we have the means to assist you should the need arise.


We can provide emergency services to families and facilities requiring closely supervised assistance for your child. Positive Solutions can facilitate necessary emergency care required before proper placement to begin. We are available to temporarily place a child into a supervised setting as the need requires. This additional time can facilitate the education for your child transitioning to the next crucial steps of placement or intervention. We understand that care for troubled adolescents is delicate and emergency care is sometimes the best possible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

As each child differs, a general idea of what to expect involves having the parents wake the child and introduce the transport professionals. Very briefly, explain that the agents are here to transport the child to a program the parents have chosen. We understand that the child is scared, confused and often angry. We prefer the parents leave the room should this happen, to alleviate the attempts of the child from debating with your decision. Anger rarely extends to non-family members. We will re-introduce ourselves and begin the process of having the child dress and vacate the home while answering all questions the child may have. The bond we often have with the child begins there. This may sound like a lot, but we like to have this process take 10-15 minutes.

Although infrequent, this is the reason you are utilizing Positive Solutions and our professionals. Should a child flat out refuse to go, we have found that by taking a firm and fair stance, we can usually correct that behavior. We will, of course, facilitate making alternative travel arrangements if necessary. Of utmost importance to us is that the students’ dignity remains intact throughout the transport process and to ensure a successful enrollment. By customizing the transport to fit any given needs, we can best ensure success.

We feel that the child has the right to know what is happening to them and where they are going. Our goal is to have the child arrive at the program knowing the day to day, week to week and month to month routine. That being said, we will provide this information to the child as he/she is able to absorb it throughout the transport.

As a rule, we would like to see a few days change of clothes in a carry-on size backpack or duffel. The remainder of the effects can be shipped to the program. We will be in constant communication with you during the transport. This will be via text until we reach our destination, where we will then call you directly. The child will not be allowed to communicate with family or friends throughout the transport.


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